Hungry for Justice

UPDATE: As of December 15th I have ended my fast. I lost 16 pounds over the 14 days that I fasted completely. I spent several more days  slowly re-introducing, first juices and then solid food back into my system. I still intend to write a couple more essays, but I have now completed my story, including my explanation of why I chose to end the fast early.

GIFTS: So far we have received over $2000 in gifts. Thank you!

This is the “home” page for my hunger strike.

The 21-day fast began on Sunday evening, November 28 and ended about one week early on Monday, December 13.

You can download a pdf of the eleven posts written during the hunger strike here. (This is a 34-page document, set up in “landscape” and two-columns to make it a bit easier to read.)

You can read my blogs here.

You can find the official news release here.

A chronicle of the 21 “lost” days is here.

Read why we are grateful for financial support here.

Learn others ways you can support the fast here, including a chance to let me know that you’ll join the fast for a day.

And frequently asked questions are here.

Thanks for taking an interest!  ~ David

Donations are welcome! You can make a donation using your PayPal account or a credit card by clicking on the Donate button below. Donations are not tax deductible. They’re gifts to help us shoulder the costs of our legal bills, and I will be deeply grateful for any gifts that are made, but I can’t offer a tax deduction for them. Still, by using the PayPal system you will know that your gift is made in a very secure fashion and you will receive an automated e-mail receipt confirming it.


2 thoughts on “Hungry for Justice

  1. David, It would be helpful for people if you explained how the system of family court has mistreated you and other fathers; how does it err? I have a high level of trust in you, but you’re asking for support without giving us information to understand your untenuous situation.

    • Yes, Reva,you’re right. I will add some details before I actually begin the fast. But I intend to use the 21 days of the fast to tell my story. Because Advent begins so quickly after Thanksgiving I wanted to send out this “heads up” message before the holiday.

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