Now Let Us Follow Jesus

Now Let Us Follow Jesus

Now let us follow Jesus / the length’ning of these days
To set our face, alongside his / on Zion fix our gaze.
And as we walk along the way / his parables to share
Of a God who welcomes everyone / if we ourselves but dare.

Among the deeds of Jesus / his healings and his meals
We glimpse the wid’ning circle of / all those whom God’s love seals.
And in the way that Jesus did / thus beckon each one home
He caught as well the watchful eye / and iron fist of Rome.

Along our Lenten journey / we trace the path he trod
And in our lives we shape as well / the image of our God.
This path that leads to wood and nails / and culminates in death
Is, too, the path where we partake / in God’s own Holy Breath.

Text: David R. Weiss, b. 1959 (text, © 2011 David R. Weiss)

Tune: Frederick C. Maker, 1844-1927, ST. CHRISTOPHER (Beneath the Cross of Jesus, Lutheran Book of Worship 107 – © The Psalms and hymns Trust, London)

Permission is given to photocopy Now Let Us Follow Jesus for use in worship.

Author’s Note: This Lenten hymn text borrows an already familiar Lenten tune, but pairs it with words that focus less on Jesus’ dying than on the vibrant life that he lived—and on the invitation that we follow after him in that living.

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