Welcome to Full Frontal Faith: Erring on the Edge of Honest, the theological musings of David R. Weiss.

Go here to find the handout versions for my current series, “Approaching the Bible with Heart and Mind.”

Thanks for finding your way to my site. Besides hosting my blog, this site offers a sampling of my writing, a link to my CD of hymns and my book of essays, both titled, To the Tune of a Welcoming God, and ways to connect with me as a resource person for your area.

I’ve launched a Patreon site to help support my work as an independent public theologian. I’ll be most grateful if you’d consider pledging your support. Learn more here about how you can support me on Patreon.

I’m currently blogging at the intersection of faith, politics, and the pandemic. You’ll find my collected essays on this (beginning in mid-March) HERE.

Find all my 2020 blog posts listed HERE.

Beginning in December 2018 I blogged weekly for an entire year at the intersections of Christian faith and climate crisis (often brining in the Transition Movement as well) in a series titled The Gospel in Transition. Find these collected blogs HERE

Other news:

  • WHEN GOD WAS A LITTLE GIRL – this picture book has won five national awards.  In 2018 it came out in a Spanish edition as well. Currently published by St. Mary’s Press, Winona, Minnesota, you’ll find copies autographed by me right HERE.
  • MY COMPLETE UGANDA BLOGS (from my March 2013 trip) are available as a PDF file HERE.
  • “HEARTS UNBOUND” (a series of Reader’s Theater play script about welcome) is available through the Institute for Welcoming Resources HERE.

Testimonials of my work as a speaker:

“David was an invaluable resource helping us gather, wonder, and converse about our faith, our relationships with one another and God’s creation, and the biblical witness to God’s love in Christ Jesus. He preached, taught, and met with both student and community groups including GLBT college students and allies. He invited students, faculty, staff and guests to imagine and practice what it means to be reconciled to one another as God’s people. David’s ability to draw out the best in people and help them practice caring conversation and mutual reconciliation is truly amazing.”
– Rev. Ramona Bouzard, January 2010
Dean of the Chapel, Wartburg College

“David connected on an intellectual and personal level in his lecture to more than 100 members of our campus community. He was equally at home in a small classroom setting, where he met with students in courses on cross-cultural communication and LGBTQ studies. David opened an important dialogue on our campus between secular and Christian communities who all too often fail to talk to one another.”
– Dr. Jamie Ann Meyers, April 2010
Professor of Geoscience, Winona State University

“At a time when many in the church are given to polarization and anxiety over these questions of faith and life, David explores Scripture, theology and human sexuality with a clear mind and a non-anxious presence, inviting others to ask honestly where the Spirit is at work in the life of the church. In a manner both refreshing and welcome, David’s writing and presentations engage participants in deeper dialogue and in finding fruitful intersections between the Biblical story and contemporary stories and questions.”
– Rev. Mike Blair, February 2010
College Ministries, Luther College

“With a perfect balance of the witty and serious, David offered much-needed words of comfort and inspiration to our campus community. Too often, students like me who are both queer and religious feel that we have to forsake one identity in order to be whole people, or that our morality must be either strict and unyielding or practically nonexistent. By exploring the many ways that our bodies can be ground for knowing God, David reminded us that our sexuality and spirituality are complementary, not contradictory. His poetic words prompted me to reflect on how my own experiences have (or have not) helped me to better know God.”
– Teresa Wink (student), October 2010
Rainbow Alliance, St. Louis University

“As a passionate storyteller, David Weiss is spot-on with his interpretation of Scriptures that are widely used by faith communities as clobber passages, in speaking out against the welcoming of LGBT.  David eloquently weaves a tapestry of spoken word and encouraging song that clearly reflects his commitment and dedication to a global vision that is affirming and inclusive of ALL who are searching to renew their spiritual journey with Christ.”
– Hospitality Initiative of Servant Hearts, Bemidji, Minnesota, September 2011


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. May the Force be with you in all your good works! I’ve appreciated your writings and observations on the Welcoming Community and related topics.
    Richard Howard
    Independence, MO, USA

  2. I picked up a copy of To the tune of a welcoming God at the recent Creating Change confrence here in Minneapolis. At first, I was so moved I could only read about 5 pages as I was unable to see through the tears. It was as if a great weight had been lifted. Mr. Weiss, thank you and bless you.

    Robert Johnson

  3. Thank you David for the good work that you are doing.
    I was able to get a book, TO THE TUNE OF A WELCOMING GOD and it was given to me as a gift from David Weiss him self. Thanks a lot David for planting a holy seed and may God bless the work of your hands. AMEN

    From Uganda LGBT community

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