Go Tell It on the Mountain – Epiphany Season

Go Tell It on the Mountain – Epiphany Season

The magi brought Christ treasures, Led there by a bright star;
And through their westward journey, We see God’s love reach far.


In Jordan’s water buried – And bursting forth: God’s Son;
A light for all the world: God’s grace for everyone.


Then Christ declared God’s kin-dom, In water now made wine;
Through miracle and mercy, He welcomed all to dine.


Now Christ, the star who guides us, The font from which we live;
And we, the magi walking: Our lives the gifts we give.


Go tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and everywhere;
Go tell it on the mountain That Jesus Christ is born!

Text: David R. Weiss, b. 1959 (text, © 2012 David R. Weiss)
Tune: Negro Spiritual, GO TELL IT (Go Tell It on the Mountain, Lutheran Book of Worship, 70 – public domain)

Permission is given to photocopy the words for Go Tell It – Epiphany for use in worship

Author’s Note: In this hymn I add a series of Epiphany-themed verses to the familiar Christmas hymn, “Go, Tell It on the Mountain.” Beginning with the Magi’s visit, we move—as the season of Epiphany moves—through Jesus’ baptism, to the miracle at Cana and into his public ministry. After recalling the Epiphany message is its first three verses, the hymn ends by calling forth that message in our own lives.

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