Singing hope into a far land and a new tongue!


I want to ask you to participate in an exciting project. A friend of mine, a brother in Christ whose hand I have yet to hold, but whose heart is dear to me, seeks your help. Moses is passionate for the Gospel — for the Good News that God claims each of us in love. But Moses, a straight man like me, is especially passionate that LGBT persons in his country, Uganda, hear this Gospel.

He leads the Rainbow Christian Fellowship in Mbale, Uganda and works also with Bishop Christopher Senyonjo in Kampala. His project is to translate hymns of justice and welcome into Lugisu, the most widely spoken Ugandan tongue. In this way he seeks to bring hope to his own people, reminding them (as did his namesake some 3000 years earlier) that God is with them, seeking their liberation and their flourishing.

Among the hymns that he will translate is my Ugandan Anthem, “Preserve Uganda’s Future Hope,” (YouTube clip here or lyrics here) as well as several other of my welcoming hymns. I am humbled and honored to think that through Moses my words might carry HOPE through MUSIC into a far land and a new tongue to God’s LGBT people in Uganda.

I ask you to please support Moses’ project with a gift!

With deep gratitude,


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