A Communion of Saints

Butterfly at Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary Photo by David Weiss 09.2014

This poem hints at deep stirrings long simmering but amplified by two pieces I read in recent days.

Leah Tonino’s interview with Eileen Crist in the December issue of The Sun is titled “Our Great Reckoning: On the Consequences of Human Plunder.” Crist considers how destructive our notion of “human supremacy” has been, grounded erroneously (and perhaps apocalyptically) in the belief that we are somehow separate from and above the rest of the natural world.

Dougald Hime’s December 2018 dialogue with Vanessa Andreotti was republished as “The Vital Compass” by The Dark Mountain Project in December 2020 as part of their ongoing exploration of indigenous perception and the collapse of colonial thinking. The vital compass refers to our lost connection to Earth’s own moral metabolism, the wisdom—and the agency—bound up in the cosmos itself. The loss of this compass is the flip side of human supremacy, and Andreotti specifically says what’s needed is a “re-entangling” of ourselves with the world.

As I imagine what expression of Christian faith, what legacy of Jesus, might be life-giving—that is, good news … gospel—in the years ahead, it seems to me we must harness our faith toward re-entangling ourselves. There’s no doubt a whole essay hoping for the light of day, but sometimes less is more. And today’s more is this little poem.

* * *

David Weiss is a theologian, writer, poet and hymnist, doing “public theology” around climate crisis, sexuality, justice, diversity, and peace. Reach him at drw59mn@gmail.com. Read more at www.davidrweiss.com where he blogs under the theme, “Full Frontal Faith: Erring on the Edge of Honest.” Support him in writing Community SupportedTheology at www.patreon.com/fullfrontalfaith.

One thought on “A Communion of Saints

  1. “Heaven will be the death of us yet,” jolted, at first I protest, but then grace seeped through. As much as I cling to this life and as much as I assert my person, there is a better and a love waiting.

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