2 thoughts on “Our Own Tower of Babel

  1. Thank you David. January 4, 2022 would have been my mom’s 100th birthday. This has been such a tough century for our planet….our toughest? My mother was alive for 91 out of the 100 years…what would she advise me to do as I become more aware of the need for climate activism. She would say be kind, no exceptions. While she would be thinking about people, our neighbors and community, in these times she would see the connection to be kind to our planet. Happy Birthday Mom and I pray to live up to your expectations. Kate

    • Kate – so much truth here. This is indeed an “all hands on deck” moment for humanity. And we need people using a “diversity of tactics” – from citizen advocacy to consumer choices to government policies to nonviolent resistance and more. But central among these is to cultivate down to our bones a capacity for kindness. And this is essentially spiritual-soul work. And I’m glad to be engaged in it alongside you. 🙂

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