Support the Fast

There are a variety of ways to support me during the fast. And I may add more as I think of them.

But here are a few.

Let me know that you’re in solidarity with me. Send me an e-mail message (drw59 at leave a comment on one of my posts. Words of support are priceless. Knowing that I am held in many hearts and many prayers will be a real source of strength.

You can fast in solidarity with me for a day. You can go here to sign up for a day. (I’ve disabled the link since I ended the fast early, on December 14.) You set the exact terms of your fast, whether you decide to do a 24-hour fast or a daybreak-to-nightfall fast or another time frame that works for you. You decide whether to go water-only or juice-only or some other fasting that works best for you. The point is to let your hunger join mine for a day and to let our hungers together yearn for justice for me and for all parents whose desire for time with their children is thwarted by ex-spouses or unfriendly courts.

Ask a divorced or split-up parent that you know about their experience in family court. Perhaps you’ll hear a “success” story, but my guess is that many of you will hear tales that echo parts of my own. In far too many family courts the only “privileged” voices belong to attorneys and judges for whom every custody/placement conflict has a legal “solution” that doesn’t involve seeking serious input from family therapist professionals. Hearing these stories will raise your own awareness further and will help others parents claim their voice.

Be ready to contact your legislator when the time is right. I’m not an informed activist on these issues (yet!). Judges are responsible for seeing that the laws on the books are consistently applied and appropriately interpreted. Because child custody laws vary from state to state, because many use vague language that is open to wide-ranging interpretation, and because few laws place a premium on seeking a child-centered resolution that is shaped by family systems theory, the family court system is set-up to privilege judicial bias. When you have an opportunity to support legislation that puts children (and healthy relationships with both parents) at the center, support it!

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